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  • Remote Annunciator Module for Genset Controller

    RA-20 is a remote annunciator module for GCU-20 or other genset controller. With universal LED graphic interface, RA-20 can display generator status and failures. Its main function is to simplify all wiring with pluggable terminal block. RA-20 works up to 1500 Meters from the host module using 18 AWG Cable.
    • Together with GCU-20 Module or other ECU with Annunciator output.
    • Works up to 1500 meters from the host module using 18 AWG cable (@ 12Vdc/24Vdc)
    • Universal LED graphic interface, displays generator status and failures
    • Modular design, quick installation
    • Circuits are finger safe with UL94-V0 epoxy protection
    • Simplify all wiring with pluggable terminal block
    • Easy assembly and maintenance with no chance of wiring mistakes
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