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  • Stainless steel, thin-film oil pressure sender

    Accessory for KUTAI GCU-3000 Digital Genset Control Unit
    With exceptional vibration tolerance, it is the most accurate oil pressure sender available with accuracy +/-0.5%(-20 °C to 125 °C).
    • Highly accurate output 0.5% (0 to 100 Psi)
    • Broad operating temperature range -20°C to +125°C
    • Special IP65 rated waterproof connection provides excellent protection
    • Suitable for use in extreme vibration environments
    • All units are the same, requiring no calibration after replacement
    • Excellent output signal linearity – requires no adjustment when installed
    • Thin film sensing integrated circuit (IC) provides much better accuracy than ceramic capacitive or variable resistance senders
    • Built-in temperature compensation circuit provides excellent stability – output is not affected by temperature
    • CE, UL and RoHS certifications
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