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  • CAN Bus J1939 Generator Set Decoder Module

    KCU-04 decodes Can Bus SAE-J1939 protocol to provide sensing information for genset controller. Information about engine coolant temperature, engine oil pressure, engine speed, and other generator warning message such as low fuel level, low battery voltage, and engine over speed.
    • Supports and decodes CAN Bus SAE-J1939 protocol to provide controller with necessary sensing information
    • Replace coolant temperature, oil pressure, engine speed(MPU) sender
    • Provide warning message
    • Equipped with LED status indicator
    • J1939 Decode Item:
    • Engine coolant temperature: Range -40 to +210 °C, once per second
    • Engine oil pressure:Range 0 to 1000 kPa, once per 0.5 second
    • Engine speed:Range 0 to 8031 RPM, Once Per 0.5 Second
    • Warning Message:Over Speed, Low Speed, Low oil pressure, High coolant temperature, Low fuel level, Low Battery Voltage and Other, Warning Message, Once Per Second
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