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  • Automatic Engine and Generator Control Unit

    GCU-20 Automatic Engine and Generator Control Unit has many useful functions like annunciator alarm output and selectable EM81 / EM121 MPU signal for speed sensing. It's suitable for pump engine control. GCU-20 also provide IDLE control for electronic governors.
    * Together with RA-20 Annunciator Module to help user monitor onsite and remote monitoring and warning.
    • Microprocessor based design
    • Universal LED graphic interface, displays generator status and failures
    • Modular design, quick installation
    • With annunciator alarm output
    • Selectable MPU signal for speed sensing
    • Suitable for pump engine control
    • With lamp test function for all front panel LEDs and annunciator lamps
    • Provide IDLE control for Elec. governors
    • Five adjustable time delay potentiometers
    • Six DIP switches for setting different engine parameters
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