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  • GCU-100

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    Generator Automatic Control and Protection Module

    The GCU-100 is a programmable Automatic Control and Protection Module suitable for all makes and types of generators. The GCU-100 is equipped with graphical warning signals and three separate LED displays for real time 3 phase voltage, AC current, generator frequency, battery volt, and running hours. The GCU-100 allows customization of setting values for specific generator protections and settings and also allows remote communication and monitoring.
    • Micro-Processor auto control and protection
    • Three sets of high illuminating LED display suitable for indoor and outdoor use
    • Full function modularized design for easy installation
    • All functions setting can be done directly on GCU-100 no need for PC connection *1
    • All settings are recorded into the internal (EEPROM) and protected from erasure even without battery
    • Optional USB/RS485/Ethernet remote communication functions
    • Free APP for monitor and operate your ATS and genset directly from your smart phone
    • Easy to understand graphical warning signals
    • Din rail terminal for easy installation
    • IP65 waterproof front panel

    USB/RS485/Ethernet remote communication functions (Optional)

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