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  • ECU-04 / ECU-05

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    Auto-Start module for Manual Key Start Gensets

    The ECU-04 and ECU-05 12Vdc and 24Vdc, 100Vac to 240Vac Adds auto start or remote start capability to any key start genset.
    • Microprocessor-based engine control unit adds remote start and stop capability from an external Start / Stop signal
    • Terminals connect directly to key start switch, requiring no change to wiring
    • Compact size and low power consumption
    • For use with both diesel and gasoline engine generators
    • Multiple Cranking attempts in case of failed start
    • Circuits protected with 94-V0 Epoxy for installation in harsh environments
    • Able to control " Energize to Stop " engines (ECU-05)
    • Adjustable time delay potentiometers – " Engine Preheat " time or Engine Shutdown timer (depending on mode) and Starter Cranking time
    • User defined auxiliary output indicates whether engine is running (open)
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