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  • Auto Start Module for Gasoline Engine Generators

    EC-05 can accept signals from a remote switch or an ATS to automatically start and stop a gasoline engine generator and obtain remote operation. It is suitable for key start gasoline engine generator equipped with a starter motor but without automatic start and stop function.
    The EC-05 control module has choke control function making it especially suitable for use in cold regions.
    • Suitable for key switch type gasoline engine generators without automatic start and stop function
    • Choke control makes unit especially suitable for use in cold regions
    • Small size, low cost, low power consumption and high stability
    • Terminal blocks for easy installation and maintenance
    • Built-in DC power supply protection fuse for safety
    • Three engine cranking attempts
    • Engine running and Failed Start LED Status Indicators
    • Three time delay adjustment potentiometers
    • UL94-V0 epoxy encapsulation for use in harsh environments
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