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  • Percent Power Meter

    Compact in size with easy to read LED display, the DSP-30 is a unique Percent Power Meter specially developed for generators industry, with purpose to assist user to easily monitor the percentage of load power consumption and RMS value of full phase AC voltage and load current.
    • First and only percent power meter specially designed for genset
    • Three sets four digits high illumination LED display, suitable for outdoor use
    • Microprocessor based design
    • Full phase AC voltage RMS value display
    • Full phase load current RMS value display
    • Display percentage of load power consumption (KVA)
    • Configurable cyclic display of full phase voltage and current values
    • Compact, Anti-shock, Easy installation
    • DIN rail terminal for easy connection
    • Four adjustable voltage and current push buttons
    • Five DIP switches for specification setting
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