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  • Automatic Mains Failure Control and Protection Module

    The AMF-10 is a universal Automatic Mains Failure Control and Protection Module. It is a control and protection module for the generator and a monitoring controller for the Automatic Transfer Switch. The modular design with easy to read high illuminant LED displayer with universal warning symbols and easy to operate interface. All functions settings can be programmed directly from the front panel. The module is equipped with optional USB, RS485, and Ethernet remote communication expansion slot, allowing user to purchase optional communication modules for alternative remote monitoring and operation. An optional AMF-10R universal AMF Controller Interface Module (relay module) is available for the AMF-10 to simplify the wiring and connection process.
    • Micro-Processor auto control and protection
    • Easy to read high light LED display
    • Modularity design, easy to install
    • Compact size with vibration protected
    • IP65 rated waterproof front panel
    • Provide full mains and genset alarms signals shutdowns
    • Direct operation on front panel with program settings auto-save in non-volatile random-access memory (NVRAM) *1
    • Universal LED graphic interface, displays ATS and genset status and failures
    • Optional USB/RS485/Ethernet remote communication functions
    • Free APP for monitor and operate your ATS and genset directly from your smart phone

    USB/RS485/Ethernet remote communication functions (Optional)

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