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  • EPMG-1270 / EPMG-2470

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    Excitation Boost System

    EPMG® converts DC battery power into a separate excitation source to provide “boost” for self-excited (shunt) generators during heavy transient loads – providing PMG performance for much less cost. Available in 12V (EPMG-1270) and 24V (EPMG-2470).
    • EPMG? installs quickly and easily in series with any AVR (excitation current below 8A) in a self-excited generator
    • EPMG? converts genset battery and/or other battery power into a separate excitation power source for dynamic response for heavy load used such as motor starting and short circuit situations – operating only when required
    • Upgrades self-excited generators to PMG type performance
    • Battery voltage abnormal / reverse polarity / current limiting protections
    • Power output self-test
    • Built-in DC fuse protection
    • Low power consumption when not in use (hibernate mode)
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