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  • Battery-powered Automatic Flashing Module

    EB-9V automatic flashing module is installed with a built in 9V lithium battery which helps the generator to establish voltage build up at initial stage; No external battery and DC power supply are required. the excitation power is supplied by the internal battery.
    • No external battery or DC power supply required, excitation power provided by an internal battery
    • Small size, light weight and easy installation saving labor
    • Automatic excitation detection requires no manual operation or setting
    • Very low static power consumption, Up to 3 years between battery replacement in standby mode
    • Battery low voltage indicator reminds user to change battery
    • Up to three repeat flashing attempts and will automatically stop when voltage builds up
    • Excitation failure indicator. Resets automatically when voltage builds up or engine is stopped
    • Battery Reverse Polarity Protection
    • Excitation field F+, F- Reverse Polarity Protection
    • Built in manual forced excitation push button
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