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  • Automatic Voltage Regulator 160Vdc 10Amp

    EA448B PMG or A.R.E.P or Auxiliary Winding type generator voltage regulator, it's applicable in used with R726 Three Phase Sensing Module. EA448B is a compatible replacement for Leroy Somer R448, R449, R450, R438, and AEM110RE016 and also Olympian FG Wilson 922 124.
    * It can be used with EPMG-1270 / EPMG-2470 to increase motor starting capacity.
    • All manufacturer names and numbers are used for reference purpose only and do not imply that any part is the product of these manufacturer.
    • Voltage regulation less than +/-0.5%
    • Load acceptance module (LAM)
    • 50/60 Hz selectable
    • Under frequency & Exc. max protection
    • Soft start voltage ramping
    • Normal rapid response time (Option)
    • Applicable for PMG or A.R.E.P or Auxiliary Winding
    • Apply with KUTAI EPMG-1270 / EPMG-2470 to exceeds normal generator motor starting capabilities
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