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  • ADVR-2300M

    Product Inquiry

    3.5Amp Hybrid Analog/Digital AVR for Shunt, PMG/Aux. Winding Genset

    ADVR-2300M is a hybrid Analog/Digital AVR which is compatible with Marathon DVR2000 Series. This voltage regulator can be used on single/three phase sensing and Shunt/PMG/Aux.Winding. It has PF (power factor) correction inputs and the facility for droop CT connection.
    * It can be used with KUTAI IVT Generator Excitation Booster to increase motor starting capacity.
    * If not for use with the IVT Generator Excitation Booster, the ADVR-2100M can be used instead,and purchased at a big discount.
    • Power input single phase 60 to 300 Vac @ 50 to 500 Hz
    • Sensing input 1 or 3 phase 220 to 600 Vac programmable, RMS reading
    • Voltage regulation less than +/-0.5%
    • 50/60 Hz selectable
    • Multiple power input source SHUNT, AUX, HARMONIC, PMG
    • Inverse-time over excitation and under frequency protection
    • Soft start voltage ramping
    • Built-in high capacity protection fuse
    • Panel mounted, internal wiring external adjustment
    • Apply with KUTAI IVT-1260/IVT-2460 to exceeds normal generator motor starting capabilities
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