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  • ADVR-12

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    Single/Three Phase Sensing and Single/Three Phase Power Input 12Amp AVR

    ADVR-12 is an universal hybrid Analog-Digital automatic voltage regulator which is capable for multiple power input such as Shunt, Auxiliary Winding, PMG.
    * It can be used with KUTAI IVT Generator Excitation Booster to increase motor starting capacity.
    • All manufacturer names and numbers are used for reference purpose only and do not imply that any part is the product of these manufacturer.
    • 1 or 3 phase sensing input and power input
    • Voltage regulation less than +/-0.5%
    • 220/380/440/480 Vac programmable input
    • DIP switch selectable 50/60 Hz
    • Multiple excitation system compatibility: SHUNT, AUX, PMG
    • Inverse-time over excitation protection
    • Under frequency protection and soft start voltage ramping
    • EMI suppression
    • Built-in high capacity protection fuse
    • Apply with KUTAI IVT-1260/IVT-2460 to exceeds normal generator motor starting capabilities
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