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  • ADVR-083

    Product Inquiry

    Hybrid Analog/Digital Single Phase/Three Phase sensing 8 Amp AVR for self-excited (shunt), Auxiliary and PMG brushless generators

    ADVR-083 is equipped with Quadrature Droop Input for parallel operation, Over Excitation Protection, Soft Start Voltage Ramping Function, Digital circuits for Voltage Sensing and Under Frequency Protection effectively eliminate thermal drift.
    • Voltage Sensing Input and Power Input can be single-phase or 3-phase
    • Digital voltage sensing circuit and Under Frequency Protection circuit improve thermal drift characteristics
    • Over Excitation Protection // Under Frequency Protection // Soft Start voltage ramping
    • Can be used with generators operating parallel
    • Built-in high capacity protection fuse
    • Built-in EMI suppression
    • Can be used together with KUTAI Auxiliary Excitation Booster to increase motor starting capability of self-excited (shunt) generators
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