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  • ADVR-073

    Product Inquiry

    Hybrid Universal Analog Digital Voltage Regulator 7Amp

    ADVR-073 is an Hybrid Analog/Digital Voltage Regulator. It's desigined with CPU inside which eliminates voltage drifting that caused by temperature variation. This designed has greatly improves the reliability of AVR. ADVR-073 has over excitation and loss of sensing shutdown protections which will prevent AVR from damaging in overload situation.
    • Voltage regulation less than +/-0.5%
    • 220/380/440/480 Vac programmable input
    • Rugged compact design
    • With under frequency protection
    • Over excitation protection
    • Soft start voltage ramping
    • EMI suppression
    • Built-in high capacity 8Amp fuse
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