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  • ADVR-054-400HZ

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    Intermediate Frequency 400Hz Self Excited 5 Amp Digital Automatic Voltage Regulator for Military spec and Aviation generator

    ADVR-054-400HZ is a 5 Amp self excited 400Hz Generator Automatic Voltage Regulator designed to replace most military and aviation 400Hz generator. It has large heat sink which significantly increases cooling efficiency. This AVR has over excitation protection and it can automatically shut-off output when voltage sensing is lost.
    • Compact size, robust and high reliability
    • Innovative heat sink significantly increases cooling efficiency
    • 220/380/440/480 Vac selectable input
    • Soft start voltage ramping
    • Over excitation protection
    • Digital low frequency protection circuit, prevents thermal drift
    • EMI suppression
    • Automatic shut off output when voltage sensing is lost
    • Built-in high capacity fuse
    • Use with KUTAI EP200 Paralleling Module for parallel operation
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