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  • ADVR-054

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    Self Excited 5Amp Automatic Voltage Regulator with High Cooling Efficiency

    ADVR-054 has large heat sink which significantly increases cooling efficiency. This AVR has over excitation protection and it can automatically shut-off output when voltage sensing is lost. Compatible replacement for Basler KR7, Airman DST-100-2, Markon 36245, Markon MD1C, Sincro BL4,Datakom AVR-4.
    • Compact size, robust and high reliability
    • Innovative heat sink significantly increases cooling efficiency
    • 220/380/440/480 Vac selectable input
    • Soft start voltage ramping
    • Over excitation protection
    • Digital low frequency protection circuit, prevents thermal drift
    • EMI suppression
    • Automatic shut off output when voltage sensing is lost
    • Built-in high capacity fuse
    • Use with KUTAI EP200 Paralleling Module for parallel operation
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