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  • ATS Transformer Module 100 to 520 Vac

    TSP-01 is the automatic transfer switch transformer module With multi-voltage plug-in Connectors to easily and quickly select the desire operating voltage and shortens the connection time. It is also equipped with fuses to provide maximum protection for the system. The selectable system voltage range from 100 Vac to 520 Vac.
    * ACB type ATS used TSP-04 module only.
    • Use in system voltage from 100 to 520 Vac *1
    • Simplify all ATS wiring
    • Connect to BTS & ATS-245A by Plug-in connectors
    • Select voltage directly by Plug-in connectors
    • Save labor cost by easy assembly & maintenance
    • Circuits are finger safe with high voltage fuses & UL94-V0 epoxy protection
    • Built-in 3 phase fuses to protect normal & emergency circuits in ATS-245A & TSP-01
    • Provide alarm signals & engine start dry contacts
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