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  • BTS3BE0225 / BTS4BE0225

    Product Inquiry

    BTS3BE0225 / BTS4BE0225

    Product Inquiry

    MCCB Type Transfer Switches
    Rated Voltage 100 to 600 Vac
    Rated Current 225Amp

    U.S. Pat. No. US 9,257,871 B1
    TAIWAN Pat. No. M491940
    CHINA Pat.No.ZL 2014 2 0473370.2
    * Customized BTS Available : Please provide the required specification and specified MCCB type (if there is any), we will evaluate the mechanical capability for customers.
    • High short circuit breaking capacity
    • Incorporate OCPD design *1
    • Complies with IEC60947-6-1 requirements *2
    • MCCB has auxiliary limit switch inside
    • Reliable motor-operated transfer mechanism
    • Molded insulating manual handle
    • PVC-coated bus bar insulation
    • With mechanical interlock
    • Includes plug-in connector, for simple hook-up to controller
    • Optional service maintenance key lock device

    Transfer Switch Mechanical Lock and Key (Optional)

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