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  • ATS-245/ATS-385/ATS-465

    Product Inquiry

    ATS-245 (For AC 200V / 220V / 240V Only)
    ATS-385 (For AC 380V / 415V Only)
    ATS-465 (For AC 440V / 460V / 480V Only)

    ATS controller monitors normal and emergency power. It's suitable for single and three phase transfer switch system. Optional USB/RS485/Ethernet/Wi-Fi/3G SIM card remote communication functions. Able to control remotely from mobile devices like smart phone.
    • Micro-processor based & Polycarbonate front panel
    • Membrane switch button designed
    • Compact size with user-friendly 7 segment LED display
    • Direct operation on front panel with program settings auto-save in non-volatile random-access memory (NVRAM)
    • Full phase voltage/frequency monitor & protection for Normal & Standby source
    • Transfer fail alarm, Pre-exerciser or Pre-transfer signal output
    • Communication Port for Remote Monitoring and Control Options *1
    • Direct monitor and operate ATS & Genset via Smartphone
    • Built-in 1 to 4 weeks exerciser timer
    • Built-in noise filter for Normal & Standby source
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