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  • ATS3BC1600 / ATS4BC1600

    Product Inquiry

    Rated Voltage 100 to 600 Vac
    Rated Current 1600Amp
    ATS3BC1600 (3 Poles) / ATS4BC1600 (4 Poles)

    The Standard ATS package includes ATS Intelligent Controller *, PTM-100/PTM-400 (Voltage Transformer Module), BTS (Basic Transfer Switch), all the connection harness and indoor enclosure (outdoor type is optional).
    * Select ATS-245/ATS-385/ATS-465 based on the system voltage.
    • Extraordinary modularized ATS design *1
    • Superior serviceability & simple maintenance
    • ATS-245/ATS-385/ATS-465 Intelligent Controller:Voltage monitoring & protection with built-in 1 to 4 weeks exerciser timer
    • PTM-100/PTM-400Voltage Transformer Module:Change voltage easily by using pin terminal
    • BTS:Transfer switch built with high short circuit breaking capacity & OCPD *2
    • All modules connected by harness with high voltage withstand plug-in connectors sets
    • Complies with IEC60947-6-1 requirements *3
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