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  • ATS-342

    Product Inquiry

    Redundant Automatic Transfer Switch Touch Screen Controller

    The ATS-342 is a redundant ATS controller, which intelligently selects the operation sequence on the primary generator and the back up generator in case of failure from either generator to provide seamless supply of emergency back up power when needed.
    • Micro-processor based & Polycarbonate front panel
    • Compact size with large friendly LED display
    • Push button programming & operation *1
    • Program settings are Auto-saved into internal EEPROM remaining in memory even with no battery power
    • Provides full phase voltage & frequency monitoring & protections for both backup generators
    • Optional USB / RS485 / Ethernet remote communication
    • APP to monitor and operate the ATS & gensets directly from smart phone
    • Programmable setting of running time of generators
    • Compatible with almost all type of ATS switches
    • Front panel display provides source status and fail alarm indications

    Optional USB / RS485 / Ethernet remote communication functions

    Redundant Automatic Transfer Switch System Illustration

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