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  • CH5612 / CH5624

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    Automatic Battery Charger with Easy-to-Read LED

    CH56 series Intelligent Battery Chargers. Fully Automatic and has current limiting, constant voltage float charge mode that prolongs its life and saves you time and money. LEDs indicator provide Charge Voltage/Current info and fault conditions. Ideal for Gel, Lead Acid, and AGM batteries for generator or industrial use.
    CH5612: 12V 12A
    CH5624: 24V 6A
    • Automatic charging under all conditions
    • Current limiting, constant voltage float charge mode that avoids over-charging
    • DC charging current and voltage display
    • Automatically reduce output proportionally when overheat
    • Short circuit & reverse polarity protection
    • DC output Over/Under Voltage protection
    • DC output Over Current protection
    • AC input Over Voltage protection
    • “Force Charge Button” for resume to normal charge from a low residual voltage condition
    • Built-in AC power input micro fuse protection
    • Panel Mount
    CH5612CH5624 Display and alarm indicators
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